Military Retirement Letter Request

Military Retirement Letter Request

We are currently experiencing delays in mailing letters of appreciation. We ask for your patience as we work on processing your request.

President Clinton is honored to send Letters of Appreciation to military personnel retiring with at least 20 years of service.

Letters will be sent in a rigid mailer to prevent creasing.

This form may be used for members of all branches of the military and National Guard. To request a letter for a civilian retiree, please visit:

If the retirement ceremony for the servicemember you are requesting a letter for is greater than 6 months away, please do not submit a request. Please wait within 6 months to request a letter through this form.

  • Retiree's Branch of Service
    Retiree's Branch of Service
  • Retiree's Name

    Please use proper capitalization (uppercase and lowercase letters) throughout this form. Submissions in all capital or all lowercase cannot be processed.

    Hyphenated names and accented letters ( á, é, í, ó, ú and ñ) are supported.

  • Location of Retirement Ceremony OR Retiree's Home

    Please refrain from using abbreviations (ie. AFB should be Air Force Base).

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  • Date of Ceremony Date of Ceremony / /
  • Requested By

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  • Mailing Address

    Residential addresses are preferred for faster delivery. We will mail to military bases and APO/FPO addresses if requested, but delivery may be delayed.

  • Please carefully review your information for accuracy before submitting.

    If you do not see the confirmation page shortly after submission, please resubmit your request.

    Confirmation will also be emailed to you shortly.